Who we are

  • Ocean Asset Management is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence number 340218.
  • Discretionary investment manager investing in Australian equity markets.
  • Privately owned by our principals, who are significant investors in our strategy.
  • Founded in 2008 and based in Sydney, Australia.

What we do

We manage discretionary Australian equity portfolios on behalf of a variety of investors, predominantly high net worth individuals.

Our equity portfolios are managed according to clearly defined, rules-based parameters that are repeatable over time and seek to minimise behavioral biases.

Why we do it

We believe that there’s a better way to invest than by simply buying the market averages.

We care deeply about helping you protect and grow your capital, that you’ve worked hard to accumulate. We don’t want to be invested in average and nor should you.

We believe that by pursuing excellence and constantly improving our investment process, we’re able to offer a better way.

How we do it

The principal elements of our investment strategy are encompassed by the high conviction application of the following key insights, that we believe are both persistent over time, and grounded in sound economic theory:


We identify stocks that are appreciating in value and avoid those that are depreciating in value. We believe that stocks in motion tend to stay in motion until new information causes expectations to change.

Trends can last longer than expected because new information is frequently trend reinforcing. Fundamentals take time to change. While investor expectations are being constantly re-calibrated and updated causing prices to drift, especially in those situation with high uncertainty and a diversity of opinion.


We identify stocks that have been out-performing peers over the medium term and avoid those that have been under-performing.

We are looking to position our portfolios in alignment with the market by being invested in the strongest performing stocks. The strongest performing stocks are those that are most likely to be undergoing positive expectation revisions and as a result, generating strong out-performance.


We classify stocks by their corporate life cycle stage according to the following template:

OAM_Corporate Life Cycle Chart_FA

We are primarily interested in stocks that are in the Growth, Stable and Restructure stages of their corporate life cycle and that exhibit specific fundamental characteristics. This is where we believe there exists the most opportunity for systematic error on the long side.

Our priority is on the disciplined execution of our strategy. Process consistency is at the heart of what we do and is paramount to long term investment success.