Leaders in wealth management offering intelligent and trusted solutions for Australian private investors 


We provide carefully considered and emotion-free advice and investment vehicles for private investors to profit from the Australian Stock Markets over the longer-term.

In a world dominated by noise and emotion, at SANEQ, we base our investment decisions on experience, insight and logic and always take a long-term view. We leverage great people, clear thinking and strong client relationships for better long-term results.

SANEQ serves Australian private investors seeking advice and support in managing their Australian Stock Market investments. With over 15 years of direct experience with the ASX, our clients benefit from both our strategies and specialty skills in what can be a tricky and volatile stock market to navigate.

We offer a range of dedicated ASX investment services from market insights and knowledge to model portfolios and privately managed accounts.

We are a stable long-term business focused on working hard every day to deliver consistent, long term value to our clients. We wake up every morning and go to work – for you and for us. There are no magic formulae. We succeed because we work hard and smart and stay focused.

How we are different

• We focus exclusively on the ASX

• We prefer a smaller portfolio of high quality, aligned clients to an extensive collection of disparate profiles and investment objectives

• We’re about consistency. We believe that process consistency is at the heart of successful active investing.

• We never use pressure or aggressive sales techniques to win new clients.

‘Our charter is to deliver reliable
long-term investment returns for our clients without unnecessary risk.’

Danny Sandler,
SANEQ Chief Investment Officer.


We are open. Read our recommendations, hear our views, connect with us directly.

We are here for our clients. Our success is tied to your success.

We are careful and considered. We base our investment decisions on experience, insight and logic and we always take a low risk, longer-term view.

We are disciplined. We design and follow strict investment rules that we know to be true. We invest with our heads, not our hearts. We never take unnecessary risks.

We are focused. We invest only in Australian stocks because this is where we have expertise.

We are attentive. We are a firm with a small, carefully curated portfolio of clients by choice. We value knowing our clients personally, and them knowing us. We encourage regular contact and communication.

We value true partnership. We align values, attitude and expectations so that our ships are always pulling in the same direction.

We’re investors just like you

We’re significant investors in our own strategies and believe that having skin in the game is fundamental to wealth management credibility.

We manage our portfolios according to clearly defined, rules-based parameters that are repeatable over time to minimise behavioural biases.

We care deeply about managing risks and growing capital. We believe that by pursuing excellence and continually improving our investment process, we’re able to offer better solutions consistently.