About Us

We’re investors, just like you

We’re a privately owned investment manager based in Sydney, Australia.

We invest in Australian stocks on behalf of a variety of investors, predominantly high net worth individuals. We also write about stocks and publish our holdings and our trades for investors to see via our model portfolio service.

We manage our portfolios according to clearly defined, rules-based parameters that are repeatable over time to minimise behavioural biases.

We’re investors, just like you and are significant investors in our strategy.

We believe in having skin in the game, and you should expect nothing less.

We believe that there’s a better way to invest than by only buying the market averages.

We care deeply about helping you manage risks and grow your capital, that you’ve worked hard to accumulate. We don’t want to invest in average and neither should you.

We believe that by pursuing excellence and continually improving our investment process, we’re able to offer a better way.

At your service

If you have a question for us, get in touch and and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

You can reach out directly to Danny Sandler, our CEO and founder, at @dannysandler on Twitter.