Danny Sandler

Danny Sandler, SANEQ Chief Investment Officer

Danny Sandler is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of SANEQ ASX Wealth Management. He is responsible for the investment strategies and portfolio management for all private accounts and model portfolios.

Before founding SANEQ in 2009, Danny was a senior investment analyst at a large fund manager for several years. There he was responsible for investment analysis and management across a wide variety of investments. During this time he gained a strong appreciation for what characteristics distinguished success from failure in investment management.

Danny has been an active investor in the ASX for more than 20 years. He is also responsible for creating the SANEQ ASX.Express Newsletter each week and the SANEQ ASX.Extra Knowledge Bank. Both of which are highly valued ASX resources.

Danny began investing in the ASX in 1999, during the final years of the technology boom. He experienced the bust, subsequent recovery and ultimately the financial crisis of 2008. SANEQ’s risk first approach to investment management is a result of this experience over a wide range of market environments.  

Away from work, Danny is usually with his wife and three young kids, running or reading.

Danny is a Chartered Accountant and a CFA charter holder.

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