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Intelligent, fact-based investment solutions for Australian private investors.

The ASX Long Game

In a world dominated by noise and emotion, at SANEQ, we base our investment decisions on experience, insight and logic, and we always take the long-term view. We leverage great people, clear thinking and strong client relationships for better long-term results.

Are you interested in ASX investing? Please read about our investment philosophy & strategy to see if our values and vision are aligned and whether together we might make good investment partners.

We offer a range of dedicated ASX investment services from market insights and knowledge to model portfolios and privately managed accounts.


ASX Investing

SANEQ offers two distinct investment solutions for private investors – ASX.Managed Wealth for sophisticated investors and ASX.Compass Model Portfolios for retail investors.

Both solutions are designed and actively managed by ASX investment professional Danny Sandler and both aim to invest in a high conviction portfolio of businesses that have the highest probability of outperforming over the long-term.

SANEQ only invest in Australian Stocks because this is where we have genuine expertise. We don’t dabble in other assets or markets. We play and win where we are strong.


ASX Knowledge

SANEQ is your investment partner and an ASX knowledge leader. We invest significant resources in observing and understanding the market so we can offer careful, considered and emotion-free commentary and advice for success over the longer-term.

We offer our weekly ASX.Express Newsletter, Stock Lists and Market Reports free of charge to help existing and prospective investors better navigate the complex world of investing on the ASX.

Study the SANEQ ASX.Extra Knowledge Bank and be sure to subscribe to Danny Sandler’s weekly ASX.Express Newsletter.


Danny Sandler

Danny Sandler is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of SANEQ ASX Wealth Management. He is responsible for the investment strategies and portfolio management for all private accounts and model portfolios.

Danny has been an active investor in the ASX for more than 20 years. He is also responsible for creating the SANEQ ASX.Express Newsletter each week and the SANEQ ASX.Extra Knowledge Bank. Both of which are highly valued ASX resources.

Learn more about Danny Sandler here or request a call-back from Danny here.

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