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The Current Holdings page provides details of the stocks that are currently in our model portfolio. The current holdings table displays the following information:

  • ASX code and name of the company;
  • date we bought the stock;
  • price we bought the stock at;
  • current price of the stock; and
  • percentage profit on our holding

New members

As a new member of our strategy, your first job is to get invested in the Model Portfolio.

To do this, we suggest you invest an equal amount in each of the companies in the Model Portfolio. Use the ‘opening weight’ row in the Summary Information table to see how much to allocate to each stock.

For instance, consider the scenario below:

  1. You want to invest $100,000 into the Model Portfolio strategy
  2. The Model Portfolio currently owns 16 stocks
  3. The Model Portfolio opening weight is 5.6%
  4. The Model Portfolio currently has 10% allocated to cash
  5. The Trend filter is showing “OK”

To do this you would take your $100,000 and invest 5.6% into each stock held by the Model Portfolio and leave 10% in cash. In this case, you would invest $5,600 into each stock and leave $10,000 in cash.

Success! You are now invested in the Model Portfolio.

As a subscriber to the Model Portfolio membership, you will now begin to receive update emails from us each week with a notification of any new trades to make to keep up to date with the Model Portfolio. You can also consult our All Trades report at any time to see what trades have been made to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Note: We apply an ASX market trend filter to determine whether the market is trending up and only buy shares when this is the case. When the market is trending down we will not make new purchases. If the Trend filter is showing “NO” no new purchases should be made.

Table Tools

You can sort the Current Holdings table by any column by clicking on the column header.

You can print the Current Holdings table, export it to excel or copy the table to your clipboard and paste it into another application by clicking on the appropriate button located on the right side of the page above the table.

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