Professional management for your Australian share market investments

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Only available to wholesale or sophisticated investors
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What’s Included

  • Full portfolio management
  • Trade execution
  • Risk management
  • Exposure monitoring
  • Full transparency
  • Regular performance reporting

Is this service for you?

For wholesale or sophisticated investors who want to…

Have your capital actively managed by a professional investment manager who has experience over several market cycles and whose strategy has proven successful over time.

Compound your capital that you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Our investment strategy is designed to achieve long-term compound growth, and this is our singular focus.

Manage downside risk in your equities portfolio by looking to exit the market when the overall trend turns negative.  

Follow a consistent investment strategy whose key return drivers are grounded in sound economic theory that has proven to persist over time.

Maintain direct ownership, as opposed to having your assets held at the mercy of a fund’s trustee and invested in a pooled fund alongside other investors.

See what you own at all times and have full transparency into your history of buys and sells and your overall profitability.

Invest in the strongest stocks on the ASX. We believe that these stocks have the highest probability of achieving long-term outperformance.

Avoid the highest priced, lowest quality stocks on the ASX. We believe that these stocks have the highest probability of under-performing in the future.

Process consistency is at the heart of what we do and is paramount to our long term investment success.

What’s included?

Strategy implementation: We’ll take care of everything to get your capital appropriately invested and have full responsibility for ongoing strategy implementation.

Exposure monitoring: We’ll monitor your positions and your overall portfolio exposures and maintain your portfolio according to our investment strategy.

Risk management: We maintain strict risk management protocols and will implement these in managing your portfolio.

Performance reporting: We provide ongoing performance reporting, and as well as that, you’ll have the ability to monitor performance on an ad-hoc basis via an online portal.

Full transparency: You’ll have the ability at all times to see exactly how your capital is invested and will receive a notification each time there is a trade in your account.

Concierge service: Tax reporting, ongoing communication, liaison with external advisers, direct access to the fund manager. Everything a high touch service should be.

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