SANEQ ASX. Compass

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Jumpstart your investment portfolio with access to all the stocks we own and updates each time we make a trade with ASX.Compass.

SANEQ ASX.Compass Model Portfolio provides full access to our professional grade investment strategy. Previously only available to wholesale and sophisticated investors, we’re now giving you the chance to invest alongside us. 

You’ll not only see what we currently own but when we bought and at what price. We’ll update you every time we make a new trade and provide you with a detailed explanation for each decision.

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$49.50/ month
30-day money-back promise and no locked-in contracts

SANEQ ASX.Compass Includes:

Current stock holdings: You’ll see our live portfolio, including all the stocks we own as well as when we bought and at what price.

Notified of all new trades: We’ll send you an email each time we buy or sell a stock. You’ll also have access to all of the strategy’s previously completed trades.

Trading diary: You’ll have access to our trading diary, which goes into detail about the reasons why we decided to buy or sell a stock. We’ll update this each time we make a trade.

Full history of trades: You’ll see the strategy’s complete history of trades, including when each stock was bought or sold and at what price.

Performance reporting: Get to understand the performance metrics behind the investment strategy to make better decisions and become a better investor.

Member only content: As a Model Portfolio member, you’ll also have access to our Momentum and Value stock lists, updated weekly as well as weekly commentary and insights.

Is this service for you?

The Model Portfolio membership is for anyone who wants to:

• Take an active role in managing your capital while at the same time having the support of a professional fund manager at your fingertips.

• Follow a consistent investment strategy. If you’ve chosen to manage your stock portfolio actively, you’ll know that having a plan is paramount to long-term investment success.

• Invest in the strongest stocks on the ASX. We’ll help you uncover the best-performing companies for your portfolio. We believe that these stocks have the highest probability of outperforming in the future.

• Avoid the highest priced, lowest quality stocks on the ASX. We’ll help you increase your odds of success by not owning those stocks that we believe have the highest probability of under-performing in the future.

• Receive clear signals of what stocks to buy and sell, and when. We’ll show you what we own and alert you every time we make a new trade, allowing you to keep your portfolio in alignment with our professional-grade strategy.

• Manage risk in your portfolio by getting out of the market when the trend turns negative.

Start with ASX.Compass today and
enjoy our 30 Day Money Back Promise!

We want to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your purchase. If you decide that the Model Portfolio Membership is not for you, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money, within 30 days of signing up.