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Managed Accounts

Available to wholesale or sophisticated investors, this is our concierge service, where we take care of everything.

A managed account is an account held in your name, where you have full transparency of the underlying stocks held in the portfolio, but where we are responsible for the day to day management of your investments.

We carefully monitor your portfolio exposures, manage risk and execute all trades on your behalf in strict accordance with our investment strategy. We provide monthly portfolio updates and are available on call to discuss your investments.

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What’s Included

  • Full portfolio management
  • Trade execution
  • Risk management
  • Exposure monitoring
  • Full transparency
  • Regular performance reporting

Model Portfolios

For DIY investors who want a more active role in managing their portfolios, we’ve designed our model portfolio service for you.

We share with you our current stock holdings as well as update you each time we make a new trade. We provide you with up to date performance reporting as well as giving you access to our trading diary, which outlines our thoughts behind each of our investment decisions.

The model portfolio service allows investors to replicate our investment strategy in their broking accounts — it’s a professional grade investment strategy straight to your inbox.

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What’s Included

  • Live portfolio
  • All trades to your inbox
  • Performance reporting
  • Trading diary
  • Momentum and Value stocks lists
  • Member only content

Our managed accounts and model portfolios employ the same investment strategy that follows clearly defined parameters that are repeatable and seek to minimise behavioural biases.